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Rental Properties: The Benefits of Regular Repainting And Proactive Painting

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your rental property’s interior. Think of it as the first step in attracting a potential tenant — from students and families to short-term guests. Painting enhances the aesthetic appeal of a space and also seals in surfaces to ensure a healthy living environment. 

However, painting trends come and go and it might be time for a refresh. In this blog, we’ll navigate the benefits of repainting your rental and why it’s important to maintain the beauty and value of your property.

Create A Vision

The hardest part about repainting is often getting started. Think about how your space is likely to be used — that will determine the types of primers, paints, and finishes you need to make each room shine. For example, living rooms are a great location to experiment with innovative new shades and textures. Create a “wow factor” by pairing specific shades of paint with statement furniture and fixtures — such as large windows and archways. 

You’ll also need to touch up paint in rooms that are heavily used. For kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, and bathrooms, paint jobs can get expensive because they are more likely to need a frequent touch-up. Think especially about how appliances will be used — making sure to protect sensitive wood, stone, metals, and other interior surfaces from wear and tear. 

Choose The Right Painter For Your Rental Property

This is where choosing the right painting contractor comes in. Ideally, your painting team will provide you with a step-by-step process and estimate that fits your budget. Choose a licensed company with verified reviews from real customers. Your friends and family, neighbors, and neighborhood real estate agents are great sources of information.

Once you’ve decided on the best-fit painting contractor, they will be able to advise you on commonly asked questions regarding the upkeep of your rental property. Here are a few details you should be asking about: 

  • Ideal painting schedule based on features, fixtures, and appliances — especially in rooms with heavy foot traffic
  • How climate and weather conditions may affect your need for paint — from humidity and sunlight to temperature and moisture
  • What you can DIY and what should require a professional paint job — a good contractor will be able to provide an honest answer to this question

Keep Things Green

As painting technologies have changed over the years, you may be aware of cleaner, greener paint options for your rental property. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as highlighted in the EPA Clean Air Act are a huge area of concern for property owners and landlords. 

Inhaling excess VOCs can result in a variety of health issues — from irritation to liver and brain damage. To avoid VOC exposure, be sure to ask your painting contractor about the best-fit selection of paints, varnishes, and other materials they will be using.

Another important area to discuss to maintain your rental property is structural integrity. Be sure to work with a contractor that can identify potentially hazardous structural issues, such as mold, rot, and water damage. A contractor that is nonchalant about such dangers, or worse, suggests taking the cheap route is not your best option. Simply painting over or ignoring such problems can result in hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage down the road.

Before your contractor’s visit, you can save on extra time and cost on repainting by prepping your rental property. First, do a walk-through of the spaces that need paint and make sure the contractor can do a detailed walkthrough without obstructions. They’ll need to take detailed photos, notes, and often measurements, depending on your property’s needs. On paint day, be sure to clear your space of clutter and cover appliances and sensitive areas that need protection. You may even want to consider cleaning, sanding, and repairing any damages or imperfections on fixtures that will be painted. 

Finally, if you plan on supervising the process or being on hand to answer the contractor’s questions as they paint, be sure to wear the necessary protective equipment to avoid inhaling harmful chemicals and fumes.

Vista Painters is Here to Help

As you begin the process of revamping your rental property’s paint, you may discover even more areas to increase property value. A paint job is often one of the most affordable ways to attract potential renters — from long-term tenants to seasonal guests. A well-maintained property with freshly painted interior and exterior spaces can not only attract potential buyers but allow you to command a higher rate. 

Whether you’re looking to refresh a single rental property or a set of locations, our team of certified painting contractors is here to help. Contact us today.

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