2023 September Blog: Repainting Interior Painting Services — How Often and When Vista Painters

How Often Should You Repaint Your Interior For Best Results?

Remodeling your home with a fresh set of appliances? Are you looking to repaint your interior? As you embark on a new design, it’s also an exciting time to refresh your paint job. 

One of the most important things to consider after function is feel. How do you want family and guests to react when stepping inside your upgraded space? Here are a few tips from the professional certified team at Vista Painters on how to get the job done the right way.

Aesthetics and ambiance may be your forte, but many homeowners will also seek out the advice of a professional interior decorator. An interior decorating professional might highlight aspects of your home that you’ve overlooked, such as unique architectural features and the effect of lighting on paint.

Repaint Your Interior With Vista Painters painting contractors painter painting wall and trims

Your plan of action to repaint your interior should include these considerations: 

  • Purpose — Will the new interior be created to enhance aesthetics alone, or are you preparing to rent or sell? The lifestyle habits of your occupants will have a direct effect on the wear and tear of your paint. 
  • Budget and Schedule — Clearly communicate with your interior decorator and any other contractors on their scope of work and your desired budget. Ideally, you will schedule regular check-ins at specific stages of the project to check in.
  • Craftsmanship — This is your living space. Make sure to be happy with a plan of action before any work begins. 

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Painting Around Appliances

Now that you’ve decided on the right mix of people to get your paint job done, let’s get back to appliances. When painting around stoves, microwaves, and other fixtures that emit heat, choose a paint that’s easily washable. Semi- and high-gloss finishes are ideal. When painting behind appliances that will be displayed in front of paint, such as washing machines and dryers, or refrigerators, you’ll be able to save a few dollars by choosing more affordable options. This choice of course depends on your desired level of investment.

How To Paint Wood Surfaces

For wood surfaces — cabinets and drawers, be sure to choose paints that will properly bond with these uneven surfaces. Think of creating a pleasing color contrast as well. Dark woods may not look too great with dark paint. Finally, remember that any areas that are the focal point of your space, like a kitchen island, will be scrutinized. Be sure to choose a painter with great attention to detail with experience working around complex edges.

Fireplace Painting Tips

Fireplaces can be tricky too. Depending on whether you have a traditional wood-burning unit, natural gas, or electric, you’ll want to consider paints that are sufficiently heatproof. If you’re looking to paint metal surfaces on the fireplace, be sure your contractor has the expertise to clean and prime these surfaces correctly.

As you embark on your next interior paint job, please reach out to the certified Vista Painters team. We are happy to answer any questions you have about revamping your home’s interior for your family or future renters and tenants.

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